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Good morning everyone,

Well today I was in Isaiah 43:1-7 and verse 2 caught my eye: "When you walk through the fire, you will not be scorched." But then I looked up above to verse 42:25 and was struck by the contrast. There was a flame not recognized that the Lord had sent forth to the one that did not know God. It burned him and he paid NO attention. So rather than just skipping past, I stopped and said, "Lord what is the difference? "

Here was the answer: Cari, when I send my fire to those I’ve redeemed it is a focused flame to burn up the dross with the goal to purify and transform with the result of a refining, and a heart with a heightened sensitivity to who I am and a willingness to stay under the flame of purification knowing it won’t burn you up but it will change you….

On the flip side go to I Timothy 4:2. A searing of the conscience to those who refuse Me’! So I looked up what it means to be seared. It means to be rendered completely insensitive with a permanent scar that will never feel again. Wow.

In my own life - given my passion and zeal and emotions that can run quite hot- God has had to graciously heat things up. However, I realize the result has not been a hardening or a searing, but deep tears and surrender and a confidence that He will finish what He started. Do I enjoy the flame? Not even a ‘nibit. in fact, sometimes I beg for it to just stop already. Yet, the more I progress in my walk, I realize that is God's answer to prayers to do for me what I could never do myself. In the midst of the burn I forget I asked for it. But in coming out the other side, a thanks issues forth as I’m freer in Him as there is just a little less of me!

Much love to all of you!


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