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A Field and A Treasure

Hi Everyone,

I landed on something quite intriguing today. First, in Matthew 13, a man has a field and he sowed good seed and the enemy came and sowed bad in the same field. But then what struck me was verse 44 where a man found a treasure in the field and "hid it." Immediately I thought of Psalm 119:11 (versions translate two ways). "Thy word have I hidden (or treasured) in my heart that I might not sin against thee.’’

Again, I’m not a scholar, but what touched me personally was this: I can be a little "wheat" seed in the big field with others, but how do I personally grow? There has to be an action of finding and hiding the treasure in MY HEART. I can’t just find it; I have to take the action to treasure, to hide it, to make it mine so that it has an inward impact. I can’t just "play" in the field with other Christians and occasionally "find my Bible." I must look for it; seek the treasure, open it, listen to it and hide it as my own. Let His Word be written in My heart to be treasured and pondered upon, like Mary (Luke 2:19,51).

Again, my blogs are not commentaries but simply what the Lord speaks to me as fresh breath for me to treasure and ponder to keep my steps steady and not sin against Him! I want my heart to be a little treasure chest filled with Him. For me, it’s the only way I’ll thrive!



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