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A Road and A River

Hi everyone,

I’ve really been stuck on a particular verse in Isaiah 19 for about 2 weeks. It tells how the Lord will even make a roadway in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. I could not figure out why I kept repeating this verse in my prayers. Today I took pause and once again scanned the brevity of life and recognized again that, for us, nothing is random.

For me, the picture of the wilderness is that deep space that is quite deafening; a harsh experience that only I myself can embrace as it is unique to me. Many times it can feel quite aimless or purposeless, a bit extreme, and quite lonely. However, I also know the moments when all of a sudden I see a "road" in my spirit. I see forward motion towards eternity, and I’m standing on the firm ground that God has carved right down the center of what seemed hopeless and wretched. A road of destiny; a road of hope; a road headed to a specific place.

I have had these moments where, out of the depth of despair and tears, a road appears and, best yet, a river of replenishing water right along side. It’s not a mirage or some empty illusion that the world would coin for Christianity. It is a moment in time where the spirit empowers us to put one foot forward on solid ground; that moment where circumstances don’t change, but we are changed. Where the wilderness might still be on either side but, instead of floundering and crawling in the dust, and desperately thirsty, we begin to walk again - hydrated by the water of God.

Sometimes I’ve looked back and said, "how did that happen?" Well, this verse helped. The Living God cuts a personal path - etched out with His purpose for our life - and His word, that I may have in weakness temporarily shelved, is the water to keep me going. Its not a mirage - THIS IS my Christian life!

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