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A Timely Message

Well, yesterday my pal and I finished the book of Joshua. Today was our review day and some things really caught my eye. Some key points rang pertinent to my experience with life today.

A. Chapter 3:4

The Lord told them, "You have never passed this way before." I think many of us can agree that we have not ever experienced what is occurring today.

B. Chapter 3:5

A renewed consecration was required; a new season was about to occur. My impression: we are there. My depth with God has to go deeper!

C. Chapter 3:13 and 3:15

Why did God plan a crossing over the Jordan when the waters were at their highest? Hmmm...I would say the torrents today are quite high. Why not make it easier on the children of ISREAL or me? Because that would require zero faith.

D. Chapter 3:17

Priests had to stand on dry ground smack dab in the middle of the Jordan River. Just imagine seeing walls of water on either side and standing there firm. This to me represents the kind of leaders God is requiring. No-holds-barred preachers who will see the waters and stand firm for the sake of their congregations who need to courageously step in! Our eyes fixed and focus - not looking side-to-side at walls of water, but standing firm, looking straight ahead to the good land.

E. Chapter 4:3

Remember, for me this is not a season to take lightly but to recall every day all that God has done in my life and never forget. Those stones were laid in the center of the high walls of torrent waters.

F. Chapter 4:10

Priests stood until completion. This really spoke to my heart. An immovable stand until it is done! In my mind, I believe this will be tested to the maximum in the days to come. What if the priests just got scared and ran ahead and left the children of ISREAL on the wrong side?

G. Chapter 4:23- a reminder to the children as they had not been the ones who crossed the Red Sea- I just imagined a great cloud of witnesses looking down at believers today who went through persecution, torture, hardship cheering us on and reminding us who God is!

H. Chapter 5:2

Children that were now adults had to be circumcised because parents had forgotten the commands. This really hit hard. If I, as a parent, forget, the pain is far more for my child. I think circumcision as a baby was far less ugly. Our children are watching. We need to be faithful to continuously equip them, even at the risk they might not always listen. Everything we do is going to impact them - good, bad, or ugly.

And finally a most striking thing to me...

I. Chapter 5:14

When Joshua said to the man with a sword drawn, "Are you for us or against us?" the response "No indeed, I come as a captain of the Lord of hosts," and a fear of the Lord set in with Joshua. On a current note, God is not for a political party or even for America; He is God. Period. And He is seeking a remnant. I recognize that where I need to stand is in reference to His holiness, giving Him ALL the credit, and to be one with the church that HE is building.

Much love


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