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An Unveiled Face

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Good Morning everyone,

Typically on most mornings my clock radio wakes me up to a Christian station that is speaking about issues that are pertinent to the believers biblical walk. Yet, lately I have been astounded by the fact that much conversation surrounds "wear a mask- don’t wear one" and that Bible verses are being used to support each camp. I personally see that the enemy has redirected focus. This pandemic is a wake up call to the church at large to be on our faces in prayer.

I pondered this morning if we were all on our faces- none of us would notice who was with a mask or without one. Our faces would be downward or upward but certainly not side to side. I personally have a tremendous fear of what is really going to happen to church as we know it. The majority of Christianity in America is already seeped in pragmatism and now we are on the brink of being deeply seeped in judgment...over a mask. The enemy’s entire goal is to break up the church; to stop worship; to stop joyous singing and audible corporate prayer. He has won in many regards as programs and ‘doing’ have replaced it and we only have so much time to divide up all that is required.

The Lord said, "My house shall be a house of prayer." Ihope when I’m praying my eyes are focused on Him and my ears are listening as the prayers of heaven ebb and flow among the believers. To be quite frank, whether you wear a mask or don't is of very little concern to me - that is from my heart. I do LOVE the human face - in its entirety- eyes that dance and are mirrored in smiles. Tears and pain that are expressed all over an aching face that is crying out to the Lord. The joyous noise of worship that is unmuffled sound. We all with unveiled face behold and reflect what is inside of us and hopefully as we grow in Christ we mirror God.

This post is not meant to further an inflamed debate but in my own heart. I have to take pause because fear has seized much of humanity. When fear or angst about going to church seizes believers because some will be masked and others will not, we have relinquished precious spiritual territory and have completely ‘masked’ who we are called to be in Christ. As I ask myself, what will it look like? Convictions on either side are quite strong; the answer that comes is not appealing and quite unsafe. So I pray and hope - as the fear will kill us long before CODIV takes us down!

Much love Cari

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