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Another Chance

Happy Friday...

So, today in Luke 24, the women went to tomb and saw it empty. When they told the guys, they thought it was nonsense (except Peter). Verse 24:12 - "But Peter arose and went and saw, but then he went home marveling."

So I thought about this. Just a few days prior, Peter denied Christ and upon that recognition he wept bitterly when he realized what he had done. But, at that point, he had zero ability to reconcile. It would be like me saying horrible last words to someone dear, they die, and the opportunity to reconcile is gone!

I bet Peter was more than tormented by that for those days prior to the resurrection? Can you just imagine what he must have felt when he saw an empty tomb and the prospects of a chance to reconcile? Now here we are. People can be told of the resurrection and think it pure nonsense; yet the other reaction is possibly what Peter had: Oh my, through this miraculous event I can be reconciled. Peter did not run back to a crowd. He went home and created a space for himself to personally marvel and ponder. This is incredibly personal. I bet deep inside his heart pounded at the realization that he just might see Jesus again! What would he say?

Every person sits with a choice. Is the resurrection nonsense or is it the very thing that brings hope of reconciliation? The very thing that opens the door for intimacy with the One man lost in the garden a few thousand years prior! I can even think a conviction of sin is nonsense vs. embracing Christ in forgiveness. After all, the crowds scream that naming sin is nonsense! Even for Peter, it would not be enough to simply embrace that it happened and be amazed by it. He would ultimately have to have a personal encounter with the resurrected Christ and that encounter would change everything! Just wow!



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