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Headed in the Wrong Direction?

"...and he will delight in the fear of the Lord. He will not judge by what he sees with his eyes, or decide by what he hears with his ears" Isaiah 11:3

Happy Saturday- and what a glorious one it is in NE Ohio!

A few days ago I was walking and was going to meet my friend. She texted me clear instructions. As I was headed to a corner, I knew I should make a left; however, I saw someone far off who looked like my friend and even had a similar type dog. So, instead, I turned right.  Suddenly, I got a ping on my phone: you are going the wrong way. What I hadn't realized is that, even though I could not see my friend, she could see me.

I have been pondering this and today I landed on a verse in Isaiah 11:3. "And He will not judge by what His eyes see." Yes, the verse continues about hearing, but stay with me, as the Word is living! In this context I realized that my eyes deceived me even though inside I knew the direction. I chose what seemed right because I could not see my friend when I looked left. This morning I realized that this is faith; we don’t walk by sight. I realized too that God always has His eye on us and our hearing of Him is our most important faculty. But so many times I ignore the voice and trust what I see. I thought of Isaac who knew the voice was not Jacob but he did not trust it. Instead, he trusted his dim eyes. Wouldn’t it be something if a siren went off on our phone like an Amber Alert when we take a wrong turn? Unfortunately, my phone would probably ‘blow up' on a daily basis. 

In closing: why did my friend text me and even say wrong way? Because she wanted to talk to me; spend time with me because she loves me. This is my God: He talks to me and walks with me to be in relationship. The voice of alarm is so that we get to enjoy His very best for our lives and most of all His presence! It certainly would have been a disappointment if I had just kept running my way only to discover that I was about to encounter a stranger. 

Much love,


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