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Become a Child

Hi Everyone,

Today I was struck by the words in Matthew 18:3: Become like children. I thought about what children are like that is different from adults. This is my short list (typical/ normative ):

  1. They forgive and forget quite easily; anger does not rot in them.

  2. They trust.

  3. They are not clouded by the past; the past does not drive them as there is not enough of it yet.

  4. They are willing to listen about Jesus; very little filter.

  5. They are vulnerable.

  6. They sleep well as their mind is not traveling a million miles an hour.

  7. They don’t have sharp edges.

  8. They need to be disciplined and their minds absorb learning at a rapid pace.

  9. The feeding frenzy of pride is still in somewhat infancy stages.

For me as I look at the above, it does not take me too long to realize the advantage of becoming like this in relation to my spiritual walk. All of the above represents not only an unencumbered life, but a fluid relational one that is open to change and growth. Reconciliation is the normative versus deep challenge because they have not appropriated defensiveness and they don’t have a large history gearing future attitude and motion.

The little word "become" struck me because as an adult to "become" the above ain’t easy! It requires something extraordinary to change our slate; to change our perspective; to embrace the tenor of a child wrapped in adult wisdom; to allow Jesus to "round out" the harsh edges and defense mechanisms that have seemingly served us well; and to sit at His feet and just listen (and, even more unnatural, to listen to others God brings in our path. In this context I thought about the verse of God reconciling all things to Himself.

So for me, why a child? It makes me malleable, humble, willing with a deep recognition that the path to heaven encompasses reconciliation - many of the ‘childlike’ traits seem to undergird this premise. And it also seems to be the very premise that is a large focus of Satan to destroy believers. I asked the Lord again this morning to help me become as a child - with wonder, with hope, with laughter, with tears - with adulthood wisdom - free from the garbage that corrupts it all!

Much love today,


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