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Court of Human Opinion

Good Morning,

Today a friend reminded me it is Pentecost Sunday. It will be a marker day.

I was listening to a message about the Court of Human Opinion which can express much and present an appearance. But the court of God's opinion is what matters; what God sees. We can be cloaked in human opinion that is positive and brings us comfort but in the end- all that is stripped away when the court of God as judge comes forward and shouts. Today we will all have to decide what we listen to and what we believe - to ignore the court of Gods opinion which is strewn all over scripture is to shake our fists at heaven and say I will guard reputation at all cost even if Truth is staring me in the face.

How many times and how many people have to warn us before the back of pride is broken - and repentance before God comes like a flood inside the walls of the body of Christ- God is never deceived or surprised. He waits patiently - but one day the patience departs.

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