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Deliberate/Directional - Surrender

Hi Everyone,

Today I’m in Romans 8:27-28. These are extremely familiar verses; especially verse 28 where it says God causes all things to work together. But this morning what struck me was verse 27: "He who searches the heart….He intercedes for the saints according to the will of God."

As I read this it had such directional and deliberate purpose. His intercession, interception, redirection in our lives - if we surrender - lines up with Gods will. I thought of Proverbs 16:9 where we plan our ways but God directs. Again a humbling to His purpose, even though we do loads of planning.

Following on to verse 28; "God causing all things to work for good to those who love God…" I realized His intercession is far more than me. It’s global; even the ‘all things’ is so global. It’s a landscape where my life and my surrender is a puzzle piece in a larger picture I cannot even see. However, I can look back many times and say, Wow, how did that happen? These verses once again underscore trust; a realization that God does not just react to events, to moments, to my life and think ‘hmmmm...what should I do next to make it all work together?’. NO. He already has the landscape in perfect harmony for one goal: HIS PURPOSE!

As I considered I felt deep inside Him saying, Cari stay right with Me. You don’t need to try to fit together all the pieces, just rest. It’s okay to have ideas, plans, and goals, as long as you hold them with an open hand and heart. It’s impossible for you to know My ways, and I know that because you are human and I am God, what I ask is for surrender, for humbleness, for willingness, and an unrestricted heart where I can penetrate to the depths and transform you. It won’t be easy as there is much you will not understand. But I see you, I know you, I’ve wired you for Myself and one day in glory you will be in awe!’

I praise Him for daily intimacy - My Father, My friend, My husband, My shield, My strength - and all in between.

Much love,


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