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Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Good evening everyone,

Well this evening as I ponder the experience of my first grandchild something deeply struck me. We can all share our experience of Christ with people. They can say ‘Oh Wow that is amazing your story’. Yet inside they never ponder if it could be their story. You see, many told me about grandchildren. I thought, wow, it sounds good but it still was not MY experience. And I realized a ‘wow’ response is not enough. The face-to-face encounter is what tipped the scales.

Tonight when my granddaughter laid in my arms in total peace and I stared at the miracle and looked back to expressions I saw 28 years ago with my own daughter. I realized infinitely that wowing someone with your experience is not enough: they must see, taste, feel, and touch Christ themselves. Then it becomes not only a 'wow' - but tears filled with joy because they themselves see, experience, and touch the face of God; His arms, and His love for themselves.

Now I know what it is like to be a Grandma not because someone told me but because it became my own. Christ must become and remain our own - then we have true intimacy with


Much love,


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