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Focused Zeal

My Dear Friends,

Today I was reading in 2 Samuel 6. One thing I admire about David is that there were no half-measures. He had a zeal and a passion inside. When the ark returned, he danced - and the sweat and probably some of his garments were all over the place. It reminded me of being in the desert in ISREAL with 10,000 worshippers from all over the world. It was very hot, but we danced. I looked over at my friend and her pants were actually starting to drop due to sweat and joy. However for me, I was lost in the zeal - and it was unforgettable. Every bone in my body and soul reacted, "This is heaven!" So, as I read about the reaction of David's wife, Michel (2 Samuel 6:16), I see she was critical because David's behavior was, in her opinion, not "proper" and "tame." And guess what? God shut her womb.

It makes me wonder today about churches that maintain such a decorum of proper and tame, yet will yell like crazy people at a secular concert or sporting event. I wonder how many churches don’t even recognize that God has "shut their womb" because worship has become simply a form void of intimacy. When the Holy Spirit moves, that action should cause a reaction in us! Satan, before his fall, led worship in heaven. It is no wonder that he has deceived so many to think that reverence is contradictory to being lost in the dance that ensues from Holy Spirit fire in our bellies.

For me, I don’t want the Lord to "close my womb." I want Him to have free access to ignite me to the point of being delirious in Him and for life to come forth always. Never be ashamed if God sets you ablaze and never let a sedentary crowd dissuade that full expression. God sees the dance!

Much Love,


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