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Front Lines War Time

Dear friends,

This morning I decided to travel back to 2nd Samuel, chapter 11 - David’s great sin with Bathsheba, but something deeper left impact. There is such an amazing contrast between David’s reaction to war and Uriah’s reaction. While war was all around, David decided he just needed a bit of a rest; a little escape. Uriah, on the other hand, was given actual permission by king David to take a break and be with his wife, yet he chose to decline.

What is fascinating is that Uriah’s decline to not rest, stay focused, and to have the entire landscape in the forefront cost him. He was put on the front lines and ultimately killed. Uriah, I am certain, met the king of kings face to face. David, however, in his restful place, suffered extreme consequences! In some ways I think it was God's mercy on Uriah because his loyalty to David and the battle was so in tact that it would have shattered him to know that the very king he honored was so selfish in betrayal.

Folks, for me, I see these as intense times. It would be so easy just to take a "rest on my bed" and ignore the spiritual battle. Yet, I want the heart of Uriah - the one who stays focused, on point, undistracted to see the battle and sit at the kings doorstep. That, my friends will result in front line battle and may even cost us our lives. But in the end, to be honest, I would rather meet Jesus in the place of Uriah versus suffer the earthly consequences of a decision to rest from the battle. Or worse, exit it for a time - and be isolated like David for the enemy to have a hay day!

Just a little nugget to ponder today!


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