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G-Force with Promise

Hi everyone,

Well, today I turned the page of the New Testament, but I asked the Lord to breathe new. As I read chapter one, my spirit just pumped as there was such a forward momentum of 14 generations up to Christ. Not one marriage, not one relationship (even while exiled in Babylon) was random. God had every detail mapped. it’s like He is the engine and you can just hear it!

Making it personal: It is 2022, and way back He saw Cari; He saw every encounter, every circumstance, every single thing. In many regards, it makes me deeply thankful - not just for some of it, BUT ALL of it. And as I sat here today, I could just sense and feel that the "speed" is increasing; starting with Christ and ending with Christ and His Church. This amazing highway of purpose and God as the huge engine behind it all.

Every child born, and image bearer just ‘revs’ up the motion and direction. Oh that I would just exist in the car (Jesus), let go of the wheel, and praise Him! The G-Force might get to me sometimes and cause a panic, but the more I just hang on to Him the unexpected G-Force will become a way of life.

Feel the rush of Him today. With Him, there is no shortage of fuel! Just like Matthew says in 1:18 "now the birth of Jesus Christ," we will respond, "Now we are Home!"

Much love,


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