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Gather the Fragments

Hi Everyone,

So today I was reading about the Lord feeding the five thousand with just five loaves and two fishes. What struck me is the verse in John 6:12; the Lord told the disciples to "gather up the fragments so nothing is lost." Why? Everyone’s tummy was full? So as I thought about this, I recalled rich experiences I have had of the Lord in corporate settings; filled to the max and so glorious. Yet, there is always a personal takeaway; leftovers as it were.

We know many times leftovers taste better because the deeper seasoning takes affect as they germinate. Those rich corporate experiences, for me, could have just stayed there as done. However, the reality is there is something that remains that is not meant for the corporate but meant for a personal meal. A digestion of remembrance so that the experience is planted deep for a personal walk. The "high" of the corporate must ultimately come down into the framework of the personal so "nothing is lost."

I cannot simply live on bread of the Corporate. There must be daily bread so that the glorious is broken down to a personal impact. Whether this is correct commentary does not matter for me. The Word is living and what I realized is that I can be fed among the many. But the deeper seasoning and impactful flavor of Christ comes when I value the leftover that is perfectly designed for God's perfect transformative plan for my life.

This was very powerful to me and a key reminder of the Personal so that nothing is lost!

Much Love,


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