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Heart Cries

Good morning everyone,

I heard a message online today which caused me to check out Hannah again in the first chapter of Samuel. I was struck by Hannah but on a different level. While she was moving her lips, it is surmised by her dialogue with Eli that he thought her as worthless. I took pause and thought, why?

I realized that sometimes we see people’s "lips moving" but we fail to hear their heart. As a result, we make assumptions that they are just ‘drunk’ or superficial versus seeing that there is something deep in their heart and they are before the Lord. Additionally, Eli sat there for quite awhile watching dear Hannah. Instead of inquiring what was going on, he jumped straight to a conclusion that she was drunk. Yet in reality she was pouring out her soul. What was perceived as superficial was actually extreme depth.

I asked myself, do I simply notice lips moving or do I inquire? Sometimes people aren’t prepared to bare-all, but the inquiry versus the assumption will bless a heart deeply. I want to always be a person who sees and inquires as I might miss the treasure of hearing an experience that is the backdrop to a blessed birth of something amazing. In this case, it was going to be the birth of Samuel himself!



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