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High Alert

Hi Everyone,

Today two verses, Mark 13:36-37, speaking of the Lords return; "Lest He come suddenly and find you asleep, and what I say to you I say to all BE ON ALERT!"

So, as I pondered, I thought about the night in the garden of Gethsemane. Jesus and the disciples were there - Jesus was on high alert - but it was sooo quiet. The disciples fell asleep. Then the soldiers came and Christ was crucified. Fast forward: I thought to myself, the church in America today is in a type of Gethesemane. It all seems very quiet and stable. Yet in other nations, Christian’s are on HIGH ALERT; they can hear the footsteps of the soldiers, they can feel the earth shake, they know martyrdom is a real possibility.

For us, I don’t think sometimes I’m as alert as I should be. Christianity in this nation is coming under extreme attack. The impact of it is not readily apparent YET, but when I’m ON ALERT, I can hear the tenor of footsteps coming with a mission to crucify. The glorious part is that Satan did not win with Christ; nor will he be able to crucify the true bride. However I would be greatly deceived to think that deep cost is not on the horizon. Because it’s quiet - so quiet - I could easily fall asleep! And martyrdom...well never in America???

I’m not trying to be morbid but extremely realistic. I can think the rapture will come on the heals of happy times - poof - but that doesn’t line up with the word at all. If I’m honest, I have never experienced real persecution for my faith. Yet, the word says we will!

So in my heart this morning I asked the Lord for eyes that stay open, ears keen to the footsteps of the enemy and the Lords voice, and a strength to stand when the challenge comes because the word says it will. So I consider myself rather ignorant to live in a framework that it won’t.

Much love,


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