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Lamb AND King

Well, I started Isaiah and I must say the first chapters are extremely daunting. A horrific rebellion by Gods people, changing laws, renaming evil good, substituting light for darkness and darkness for light. But what has really gripped me is this: I can easily view the Lord as simply a ‘woolly’ Lamb of God; kind, gracious and forgiving; a sacrifice for me. All of which are intimately and deeply true. However, it would be so easy for me to bypass or skip over His holiness and His judgment because the tendency is for me to not want to see God in that way. This would invoke responsibility and a requirement to obey vs. cheap grace.

The verses today that caught my eye are vs 8:12-13: You are not to say it is a conspiracy as all the people call it…you are not to fear what they fear….it is the Lord of host you shall fear and He shall be your dread. As I watch all that is happening, deep fear and dread have seized many; the media and man has become the gospel mantra to control every move. Yet, in the process hardly no turning back to God. In fact, the reverse. As Covid heats up, school curriculum alters, LGBTQ agendas heighten like never before, the fight for life heightens. ALL in the opposite direction. I have to remind myself daily that there is no plan B with God. Nothing thwarts His original plan and nothing stands in the way of His holiness. HE will do whatever it takes and will not be mocked by mans ‘testing’ of His mighty power. Man is like a feather and one poof by the Lord is all it takes.

In this season, yes, I’m deeply grateful that the Living God chose to be constrained in a baby. However, I’m also reminded that while He chose to be constrained, we are witnessing complete "unrestraint." I’m reminded that I’m to be constrained by God's deep love which means He is to be in charge and only Him I’m to fear.

What is happening is diabolical for certain because Satan is alive and well; however the Living God is never on the sidelines. He is front and center and in charge of every piece and every stick of landscape. He sees every human heart. He is high above the prince of darkness (Satan is not second in charge). Literally nothing will stand in the way of Him realizing the joy that was set before Him as He hung on the cross His bride! We watch, we discern, we take caution but I’m to ONLY fear Him!

Right now He roars, and that roar will shatter anything and everything that raises its fist against Him. Mighty to save but also mighty in power!

Much love today,


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