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Naked and Transparent

Hi everyone,

Today I was reading in Isaiah 58 (mainly because I think I lost my place where I was reading and I read it again). The last part of verse 7 caught my eye; when you see the naked to cover him, and not to hide yourself from your own flesh. Then verse 8...then your light will break out and your recovery speedy (paraphrased).

I went back to the garden where when Adam and Eve fell. They saw each other’s nakedness… and also when Noah, in Genesis 9:23, had become intoxicated and one of his sons looked long at his nakedness. Neither of these events was God-honoring and both displeased Him greatly!

I know in my own life it is incredibly easy - almost too easy - to see another’s nakedness. It seems more natural to blame and see "so clearly" the faults of another. Yet many times I see, rather dimly, in a mirror my own flesh and in fact many times hide it from God and go to great lengths to make sure that I’m looking good to others. This is so incredibly the counter-opposite of humility and vulnerability in Christ - where the Lord calls me to sit daily. Yet, I realized once again that I am to cover others and to not focus on the creature but the Creator God and His mighty power to rescue, save, and transform.

In this same vane, I’m to lay bare before the Lord and be incredibly transparent with others. And I thought, Lord, why is this? Once again, I realized "transparency breeds transparency" because the response is safety that allows the light of Jesus to break forth. Pointing the finger or direct exposure causes a reaction of closure and hiddenness and God is hindered. So, how does it start? Right square with me being willing to lay bare before God and share unashamedly His amazing grace. This launches a momentum where others can see the power of laying bare before God and the impact it has positively in a human life. It is a bit of a risk proposition: Choosing to lay bare before Him so light can burst forth and recovery is speedy OR choosing to hide from God and choosing not to be known (subsequently deceiving ourselves that we are growing in Christ as a result!)

For me, I want light to shine and recovery to speedily break forth. Therefore I am compelled to do the required verses prior to these - cover others and allow my flesh and self to be deeply exposed. Quite contrary to the world's way I must say!



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