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Pay Closer Attention

Hi Everyone,

Today I started reading Hebrews and the verse that caught my attention is 2:1 - "for this reason we must pay MUCH CLOSER attn to what we have heard so we won’t drift away..."

What caught my eye was the much closer. It does not say pay close attention. So I thought, why is that? This is just my take, but there seems to be a required action to focus more intently as if the tenor of the Devil is increasing to such a degree that simple close attention is just not enough. "Much closer" to me implies that the gap of what we may think versus God's thinking must continue to narrow to a ‘pinpoint’ so that we are discerning and not deceived.

In this demonic month of celebrated pride, words like love and God's definition; words like grace and God's definition; words like judgment and God's definition, absolutely require me to pay closer attention. MUCH CLOSER to what I have heard in the intimate place of where God speaks. I’m reminded again of Isaac who heard Jacob's voice but failed to pay much closer attention and ignored it because the other senses spoke otherwise!

In this day, our other senses are on major overload - especially our eyes. We see folks that are homosexual or transgender and we say, "Oh, they are so loving and so creative and so warm." However, there is an evil one who wants believers to "drift away" and rename Grace, Love, and Judgment in a framework that matches feelings towards a person but defies what what has been spoken by God. This is a subtle shift that invokes pastors to erect a pride flag saying, "All are welcome." The drifting away is not the ‘all are welcome' position. It is this: ‘your sin is welcome and we will provide a foundation for it to flourish’.

This is not Love - and it defies God's grace of forgiveness and defies what we are to judge rightly! But how does this happen and how could it happen to me if I’m not careful? Same way it happened to Isaac. His hearing was good but, instead of paying much closer attn to it, he banked on all his other senses and as a result was deceived.

This is serious business for me! And I know the only antidote against drifting away is to every morning listen to His word; pay closer attn even more than the day before; and HEAR His word in the midst of a million chaotic noises and parades of screams that say otherwise. It’s only going to get worse and the requirement to thrive and not drift is more crucial than ever.

Let the Word of God steer our boat consciously and deliberately though the loud crashing waves of Satans demonic music!

Much Love,


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