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Plucked from the Fire

Hi Everyone:

Well today I saw a little verse in Zechariah 3:2b, “Is this not a brand plucked from the fire." So, I decided to probe a fire brand. The little brand, had it not been plucked. would have been destroyed forever. However, when it is plucked it is charred and scarred and just barely on the edge of a heap of ashes. Additionally, this little brand is typically something that others can regard as quite unworthy of their heed but it is dear and priceless to the great Lover of souls. I also love the fact that the Lord Himself rebuked Satan in the first part of this verse; as Satan was accusing Joshua.

You know, as I look back I realize deeply that I was close to burning up entirely. Now, at this juncture, I can focus on the scarred and charred (or worse, listen to voices that will remind me of the past scarred and charred) OR I can stand in the covering of Jesus who brings beauty out of the ashes.

It is a fine line for all of us between blessing and cursing. But, I hope in my mind's eye when I see others, I see a firebrand plucked that is the apple of God's eye (Zechariah 2:7) and, more than anything, regard what is dear and priceless to God vs. deeming it unworthy for my regard. Father, help me to never do this! I am thrilled that the Lord Himself stands guard and every day I have a choice to wake up and listen to His voice or allow the bombardment of the other voices in my head to remind me of the prior fire.

Much love today as we see other and speak over others as God would see and speak! Only by God's grace is this accomplished for me, as my flesh would tend to do otherwise if I am not deeply cautious at ALL TIMES.

Much love,


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