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Resolute and Purposeful

Hi Everyone,

It’s a rainy Monday. Today I was in Luke 9:51-53. When the days were approaching for Jesus' ascension, He RESOLUTELY set His face toward Jerusalem. But He made a stop along the way - and the folks did not receive Him.

The word ’resolute’ caught my eye; it means admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering. So I applied this to my own life. I recognize the more I set my sights on Him and His return and my eternal home, the less popular I will become to those who are settled ‘as is’ - I’m not necessarily just speaking of unbelievers!

Embedded in resolute is a passion and language and heart that is so deeply focused on a goal. This sets the tone, sets the conversations, and most of all sets the manner in which I live. But the more I progress - popularity will not be the marker! I may not be invited or welcomed into certain settings because ‘I don’t fit the framework’. Even some Christians may say - you are just ‘too much’. But as I look back on my own life, it was the ‘resolute’, the ‘too much’, the ‘deliberate’ believers that challenged my growth, that stretched me to go further with Christ, that compelled me to go the distance beyond my Christian comfort zone. Sometimes they served meals that I could hardly digest but I still ate!

I know when I’m passionate about something it can consume my thoughts HUGELY. So I prayed this morning to have this kind of resolve; this kind of setting my face! The kind of resolve that won’t get interrupted by anything less and won’t be hurt by criticism. Resolve that is seasoned with discernment of when to stay put and when to move forward. I personally believe as things wind up, this will get much much tougher. Compromise pounds on the door of resolve but resolve that is propelled by Christ crushes Satan and his little minions!

Like Daniel, who purposed NOT to eat the Kings meat, I want to purpose and resolve to "set my face toward Jerusalem."

Much love,


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