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Secret of Contentment

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Hi Everyone,

So today I saw something in scripture that has never caught my eye before; a tiny verse in Luke 6:13. "And when day came He called His disciples to Him and chose 12." For some reason I never knew that prior to this, He [Jesus] had a ton of disciples! Even verse 17 supports this; "a great multitude of His disciples."

So here is what I got. Just imagine the scene: 12 are picked and you are not one of them. I just wonder that day what got exposed in the heart? Did the 12 stand proud that they were chosen? Did the others resent they were not? I realized one of the key tenants of Christ which I’ve been grasping is His sovereignty; His placement of me, the way He has wired me, and that I’m not to compare, to be jealous of, and certainly not flaunt or make even my own gifts an idol of superiority. In the end all the chosen were killed! And what is even more perplexing is that Jesus chose Judas. How weird is that when He had other choices. This just showed me I’m called to appreciate, to embrace, and to honor each member and to simply be thrilled to be part of the landscape of His bride.

Jealousy is the most wicked emotion and sometimes the worst within the body of Christ. So I asked deep questions of myself today. Does it bother me who might be "selected" for something BIG? Would it bother me if even my own giftings were "rubbed" by another because God wanted a relationship to ensue ahead of the gift? Would it bother me not to be in some inner circle that I perceive as it? I must say this little section really caught my eye. Once again I prayed, Lord let me embrace YOUR purposes for my life; where and who and what. And most of all not just be content-but deeply joyous and satisfied-in my own life AND deeply joyous for what God has set up for another.

Makes me wonder who of the remaining disciples either clapped or grumbled. So, so curious!

Much love,


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