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Spirit of Judas

Hi Everyone,

A few days back I was pondering what has gripped me in the study of John. I was deeply disturbed by Judas because he just blended in- as I pondered more- this poem birthed. 

-Love, Cari

The Spirit of Judas

The spirit of Judas, a comfortable throne

That lurks in the darkness, as “self” it does own. 

It views God’s commands as simply historic.

And contradicts sin as robbing euphoric.

Placing feeling and culture above Biblical truth 

As God’s sound conviction goes straight to its root. 

It presents such a package over sprinkled with grace. 

So seasoned with sugar to embellish the taste. 

It embraces pragmatic, such appeal to the sinner. 

And disguises “non-judgment” as a logical tenor. 

It serves meals of choice – false love and identity. 

And wreaks havoc on the broken, increasing insanity. 

It reads all the scriptures and answers each question. 

Yet in private and quiet ignores all Gods suggestions. 

It sees worship and tears as trivial and trite.

As it idols man’s treasures as ultimate delight. 

It expresses affection, such betrayal a kiss.

And walks off with the crowd, the Savior dismissed. 

It tramples what is humble, saying, “I am in charge” 

Camouflaged in submission while pride is at large. 

It sits in the pew among family and friends

And with the majority is keen to pretend.

The spirit of Judas not a stranger or guest

But a walk without Christ, it's myself at its best. 

So very deceived to believe all is well.

Others won’t notice but Jesus can tell. 

The duties performed in such tidy fashion.

A measure of rules with no love or passion.

Many in pulpits make self feel at home. 

No cost or a sacrifice, just freedom to roam.

But the gospel of truth can break a hard shell. 

And penetrate deep to transform and heal.

What is repentance? A turning away. 

My claim to the masses, in Christ will I stay.

The spirit of Judas deserves only to die. 

But how is that done? By what I apply. 

This study of God's word I can place on the shelf. 

And perceive I’ve achieved such marvelous wealth. 

But if God's very breath rests simply outside

Self will continue, find places to hide. 

Yet if in submission I sit at His feet, 

And take in these words as my daily meat, 

I will remain in obedience to Him 

And this spirit of Judas won’t claim me again! 




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