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Where do I ‘Settle’?

Hi Everyone, 

I’m still in Numbers, and today I was reading Chapter 32 where the sons of the tribes of Reuben and Gad saw that the land on the wrong side of the Jordon was beautiful. They agreed, based on Moses' appeal, to cross over the Jordon, fight the battle in good land with the rest of the tribes. BUT they would "go backwards" and not remain in the good land.

As I thought about this I realized the following: We can have people in our lives that will cross over and fight the battle, and may even be on the front lines to lead across. On the surface it may seem they are all-in, when in reality they have every intention not to remain but to go back to what looks super nice and perfect! They actually help us to "cross over" and even to trust God in doing so. This is a daunting thought!

I’ve had experience where I have been "led across" to God’s best! Folks in my life seemingly far more advanced in the Lord and in the Word. But the real question on the table is who presses in to stay there and who goes back to what is familiar, comfortable, beautiful? One really never knows until it occurs.

And then the choice: Do I go back with them perceiving that it represents greater maturity? Or do I remain focused to move forward in spite of the fact that I may not know as much of the Word, haven’t walked as long with the Lord, and may feel somewhat inferior? Just wow! But more importantly what does the Lord want? Clearly the good land is where He wanted all the tribes to remain. I realized there is always greenery and beauty on some level on either side but the issue is this: Where is the Lord and where is He headed?

And as the story continues those tribes that went back raised PIGS! The good land had loads of unknowns and required fight and stamina and trust in the Lord. The other side not so much. But they had their pals and it was a pleasant ‘settlement’ where they could ‘settle’ with less than the best. This was a real warning for me on a deep level today!




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