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The Low Places

Hi Everyone,

Okay, just Wow. Again in Nehemiah, chapter 4 - word on the street the enemy is coming; mad as heck and ready to attack due to the rebuilding of the wall by God's people. However here is the small verse where I was stopped! Nehemiah 4:13: "Then I stationed men at the LOWEST parts of the space behind the wall, the exposed places."

Okay, a big warning here: I’m not a Bible scholar, for certain, so this was just what God breathed into me for my life. I took pause. Lord, why the low places? I realized that in my own life, when I’m brought low through circumstances, events, relationships, loss, loneliness, etc., those become the most exposed places for the enemy to just start digging - at my mind, my identity, my value, my hope in Christ. They end up being the "depressed places" because the enemy just takes a shovel and digs and digs and digs; like a steady mantra of lies. Little valleys of depression.

However, if I turn to the One, He and His angels are stationed right at that place, pushing massive amounts of His "concrete" Word in the gaps! I just need to experience His guardianship and realize it might feel one way, but if I’m conscious and kneel in Christ at those low places, He is right there fixed and steady and the enemy will be shut out. God knows the low places; He knows our vulnerabilities and purposely guards!

I was just seized by this for myself. Maybe you will be blessed too.

Much love,


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