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The New (Ab)Normal

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Hi everyone:

Yesterday and last night I cried and sometimes that compels me to write. This is what came forth: 

CHAOS 2020

A few months ago life froze in a moment

It’s Covid they say and there is no containment

Dread hits the news while economies ceased

And on the next day unemployment was released

The curve a new picture drilled deep in our minds

As those we saw frequent could not walk  alongside

Trapped in our shelters, websites flooded with jokes

While hospitals filled, no this was no hoax

Fights in the aisles , while TP we seized

Yet families couldn’t be with loved ones they grieved 

They said just two weeks, our response we’ll survive

As projects abounded, on Zoom we did thrive.

But what lay beneath the alone and mundane

Rested quite and dormant In hearts filled with pain

No noise on the streets, isolation the key

Physically safe, psychologically what will be?

Behind the closed doors abuse takes its toll

While addiction seizes souls, with death an early goal

Nursing homes filled with elderly scared

Consequence of loneliness and families unprepared 

Ads flooded with masks home grown and manufactured

Designed to shield faces and expressions of fracture

No brush or a hug, just fist bumps at best

Friends engaged frequent are now distant guests 

The silence is deafening as all work from home 

But those of the remnant re-read what’s been shown

The weeks turn to months as all is shut down 

Much news is worshipped, yet who wears the crown?

Fear is the marker as numbers do climb

Ignore who’s I charge, folks turn on a dime

Submission at best to some leaders corrupt

As crime hits the streets, the people erupt

The churches are closed and worship erased

Monuments of history are radically disgraced

Plagues of this  season yet few turn to Him

While lust has gone wild and large moral sin

A God who is loving is touted by all

While righteousness wanes, to vaccines most will crawl

We’ve pondered last days as fantasy at best

Yet His words do unfold and we’re put to the test

We dream of simple rapture, no pain we’ll be well

Contradicts my insides but I guess time will tell

Finances in tact, yeah the market resounded

Yet in a few months will we all be astounded?

Safe zones still left yet our minds still distracted

While God says ‘stay strong, I know you’re impacted’

A nation filled with comforts, it’s success guide the world 

One world plans in darkness, to that we will be hurled 

Our wallets close at hand and food in large supply

In swift moments all could alter as cashless few deny

His words speak ever clearly ‘I’ve told you in advance’

‘My people be alert, wake up from your deep trance’

July 23,2020 ©carigintz

Much love,


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