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The Seed is in the Stump

Hi Everyone,

Today I was in Daniel chapter 4. This chapter has had special meaning, but today I pondered it deeper. You see, King Neb in prior chapters had seen God and even acknowledged Him to a large degree. But there was more God had to do.

Please bear with me on this. It is not meant to be a commentary but fresh breath on how the Lord spoke to me. There have been times in my life (some in not so distant past) where the Lord has come and cut me down to a lonely little stump. Why? Because something in my life-even something of God's provision for a time-has grown bigger than it should and has somehow "replaced" who the Lord needed to be. I love verse 4:15a though; Leave the stump with the roots. You see, He never destroys the seed of Him. In fact, He protects it. But the tree has grown too big and has become a distraction, or even pride. But I love verse 4:15b; drench it with the dew from heaven.

In the times when the "tree is cut," it is painful, miserable, pitiful, awful, and lonely because God wants to take me to a place so personal that what occurs becomes mine. When I surrender to the cutting and the dew-the washing of the water from His word-the "insane" place in my mind is restored to "sanity," along with a realization that it was His love that was the instrument that cut the tree down. It was also His love where He remains right in the center of my little seemingly lost stump.

I love the restoration of King Neb at the end where He has now experienced God personally-not just a knowing-but a deep embedded experience. This is so me on so many levels in my life. There is more I could say but I will just leave it at that. Please read chapter 4. It truly is quite powerful, especially when slowed down.

Happy Friday

Much love,


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