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The Time is Now

Our forefathers arrived and landed on this ground

"Under God" was the mantra; their voices resound.

The fields so unscarred, a place of retreat

God's mercy upon it and protection from defeat.

Gold from the West as men ran to its source.

Riches emboldened and set a new course.

Temples of harlots to satisfy pleasures.

A new use of wealth and all of the treasures.

Man's superior pride as slavery took hold

And preachers corrupted but Oh my so bold.

Fights for a stand to put God in the center.

Yet man would decide to be his own mentor.

One nation under God held close by the few,

And standards were set by those in wood pews.

Prayers in the schools and morals the norm.

A subtle invasion set forth such a storm.

Babies deemed precious as mirrors of God.

Now choice is the mantra as many applaud.

The ground that was hallowed now filled with their blood.

Media messaging and subliminal chants

Shattered the conscience into a deep trance.

Giving in marriage and sex just for one,

Reduced to informal and towards lust many run.

Male and Female created, DNA in alignment

Yet man now declares such gross reassignment.

As man takes the reins, inclusivity embraced,

A nation under God so tragically erased.

Some deem this as worthy, a marker of progress.

The truth of the matter it's more than regress.

As a nation on our haunches hailing superior force,

Yet now we pay others, as God was divorced.

So deceived to embrace no consequence for actions;

But even with deep warnings there is no retraction.

Rebellion increases, Oh yes we will thrive!

Efforts of "green" will save all our lives.

Are we awake to decline in our streets

And willing to speak or simply retreat?

It starts with my heart and who is my Lord

And how I position and what I abhor.

Is the dusk enough light to perceive it as day?

Or does wisdom see clearly the dark and decay?

His return on the horizon, am I to say quiet?

No, I'm compelled that the gospel's not to be private!

It is hope or just tragedy. What is my perspective?

This is the time when the lost are receptive.

Seize opportunity amidst such unrest,

And put faith in Jesus to the formidable test.

Does he have the power to change in a moment?

Or will we simply yield to His pitiful opponent?

No time to save face as Satan encroaches

When we have the secret and know of His purpose.

Nothing's improving, the lies are immense.

Without God at our center there's little defense.

So in the midst of the horror, on our knees we do stay

While a boldness with others, we MUST NOT delay!

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