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To See What God Sees

Hello Everyone,

I trust you had an unusual yet wonderful Christmas. Today I was reading in Acts 10. But before I elaborate, I need to convey a personal story. When my dear mother died, I knew I was to write a eulogy. However, I struggled a bit as my mom and I had a very complex relationship. While I was praying, the Lord spoke, "Cari, close your eyes and see your mom how I saw her." At that moment, the words poured forth and I cried.

Now, back to Acts. First the gentile Cornelius gets a vision to seek out a man named Peter. But before that could happen the Lord had to show Peter a vision as well for Peter to be open. God had to prepare Peter so that when Cornelius arrived he could "see" Cornelius through God's eyes and heart. It is hard to know what might have happened if Cornelius’s men just showed up to get Peter without God's prep work. Would Peter have responded the way he did? After all, Peter's experience of men coming to get him usually did not have a good outcome up to this point! The deliberateness in which God prepared two men, in separate ways, to see what God saw, before they met face-to-face to fulfill His purpose, is stunning.

I realized that I could have written something for my mom but, what blessed me was seeing what God sees and that the prep work was pivotal. The outcome of that was a powerful testimony of who God is! The final outcome of the encounter between Peter and Cornelius was the entrance of the Gentiles into God's purpose. Just ponder for a moment the level of detail, precision, and intimacy that God performed with these two men separately, knowing that the ultimate encounter would be a "Kingdom" blast. Not one encounter, not one relationship is random with God. They all are mapped perfectly with a directional purpose. Things may be quite confusing or strange but in the end the landscape is so divinely charted. However, how I "see" it all is key, and only by spending time with God will I see rightly!

In this upcoming year, at least for my life, I will pray for eyes to see what God sees, to deeply trust the map He has for my life, and to allow His prep work so I don’t inadvertently close any doors.

Much love, Cari

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