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Transformative Water

Hi Everyone,

Today I was reading verses Mark 4:26-27 where Jesus likens the kingdom as a man who sows seed and goes to bed and the next night the seed sprouts a little green, then matures, then grain. Years ago, when I wrote a poem about my own healing, there were two lines:

You tilled the soil with new seeds to reap

and watered with grace as I fell asleep

So, bringing it home. I go to bed each night, get up spend time with the Lord and His Word, and then I go to bed again. What I realized is that there are many days where there is no big epiphany. I might be still, sad, in pain, worried, angry, happy, etc. But then there are those mornings - like today - where I wake up and something that has been a deep struggle is now at peace!

This is what I got out of these verses and the poem the Lord gave me. A seed is in me but it must be watered by the Word. On a daily basis I may not notice much, but in faith I just get up each day and spend time. And on certain days I say, "Wow Lord, I see green. Wow Lord, you actually are maturing me!"

It is not by my might , my power, or my effort. It is by my showing up to meet Him in His Word whether I feel a thing or not much! I could easily take for granted these daily times, but fortunately a habit has been formed. I talk to Him about everything and I try to listen to what He speaks. I glue the binding on my Bible because it’s my friend and the pages are life to be cared for! I thanked Him today for His watering of grace to change me into who He has intended, before I was even a thought in my mother's womb! However, my will to sit with Him and read His Word is the imperative!!! And, for me, I can’t do without it DAILY.

Much Love,


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