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When There are No More Goodbyes

Today, while reading Joshua 14, there was a cross reference to Luke 9:61: "And another said ‘I will follow You Lord but first permit me to say goodbye to those at home"

What I’m going to share regarding how this touched me may seem a bit odd. It is clear that each day we are closer and closer to the rapture of the church. I took pause as I thought about goodbyes and I realized this will be such a suddenly that there will be no goodbyes for those left behind.

I’m one to try to never have unfinished business with people and have always said when I go to my grave I want there to be no un-resolve with anyone. Yet something deeply struck my heart. There will be those in my circle of influence who will say, "Why didn’t Cari tell me? She is gone now and I’m left behind. She did not even say goodbye." Now, I could say, "Well everyone has a choice." But for me there is something deeper here. How much do I really see Hell - not Heaven- but the reality of Hell. It is not preached or talked about much.

I realize there is a balance with the gospel; the tension of being completely annoying vs. saying nothing at all. However, my own worry is that the pendulum can so easily swing towards the nothing at all if I’m not careful. There will be those left behind that I fear will say "Cari never told me." At a minimum I must share. At a minimum I must be passionate about what is most important to me. At a minimum I’m obligated to leave them with, "she did not leave it unfinished. I knew but ignored." Just maybe that will compel them to be willing to die for Jesus when they are faced with even larger choices, and that the suddenly is NOT a truly final and wordless goodbye. Christianity and my walk with God can be a selfish and protective place if I’m not aware and careful.



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