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White Noise

Hello Everyone,

Today I’m in one of my favorite chapters - 1 Samuel 17. I’ve read it a hundred times, but today I saw a little nugget that gripped me.

Given the tenor of society today and the most powerful LGBTQ agenda, I think we can all honestly say that this is a giant Philistine. I remember years ago saying to some that this agenda and group will seemingly rule and shift the tide of the nation. Just a few years back it did not seem possible, but now they stand high on a hill and taunt everything that is Godly. But in the context of what I saw, we need to go forward to Romans 1, where God gave them up to a reprobate mind. The reprobate mind is where the conscience is cursed and there is no remorse.

So here we are in 1 Samuel 17. Goliath was girded with armor like no other, but there was one spot exposed. The forehead - the entrance to the mind. What came out of Goliath's mouth was the result of a reprobate mind, and that mind was what the small stone hit that brought him down. I know my own mind is where the strongest battles take place; it is where the war begins and ends. The contrast with Goliath is David, whose mind was crystal clear because he was God's instrument. I suddenly realized that I can start to feel small in my own fight against this horrific agenda. If I focus on their instruments and power, I’ll be crushed. However, if I focus on what God has imparted in me through His word and the small stones placed within the keeping of the Shepard’s bag, I quickly see that a reprobate mind is truly the weakest kind of mind. It can shatter with just one stone launched by the power of the living God.

Many Christians will fall prey to this battle and succumb to the taunting of the giant but, as for me, NO. This is a giant "masked in armor" with a mind that is powerless. So we must remember: if we submit to the training of God's word- daily having our mind renewed - one small stone will bring it all to pieces. Name the giant rightly and recognize clearly that a reprobate mind placed in the scales of God's purpose is simply air and white noise!

Much love today,


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