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Whose Terms and Conditions?

Today a verse caught my eye in Job 34:33 - "Shall God repay on your terms because you have rejected His?’ As I considered this I thought about ‘terms and conditions."

Many times court battles will occur because folks did not understand or even read the fine print, as if it did not matter. How many times have I just checked the box ‘accept’ without ever really reading what I am accepting when making a purchase or finalizing an agreement. This oversight or carelessness does not alter the T’s and C’s. So I put this in context of my spiritual walk and the requirement of obedience to Him and following His Word.

I can embrace all the BIG PRINT of John 3:16 and Romans 10:13 but walk away and never read the fine print! And worse, I can construct my own terms of the Christian walk and wonder why God is distance and there is no real relationship. Or maybe I gloss over the fine print and decide, "that is not really what He means!"

Failure to read and embrace the T’s and C’s does not mitigate the consequences of a walk that defies God. God led me to salvation through the BIG PRINT but subsequent intimacy with Him must embrace the fine print of His speaking in my life - but I have to read the fine print! I have to seek wisdom to comprehend it and guidance from the Holy Spirit to follow it with diligence.

Be blessed today.



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