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Whose Voice do You Hear?

Dear Friends,

As I embark on Thanksgiving, I first took pause and realized that, in the midst of the horrific, I’m truly grateful for much. One of the things for which I am most grateful is discernment on any level.

This morning I prayed for increased discernment and I took pause and thought, Lord why am I praying this? I realized that my eyes, ears, emotions, and heart are being flooded with many sounds. Each sound has a meaning, but accuracy of the meaning is the imperative. The kindest voice can really be a precursor for horror. A loud voice appearing angry can really mean the greatest warning of all. Yet, in my own life, it is so easy to mix up the sounds - unless all sounds are being filtered through intimacy with God and the pages of scripture.

We love nice sounds. I’m sure Satan's voice in the garden was quite pleasant - like a radio host- quite soothing to the rhythm of Eve's sensibilities. Yet, look what happened. So today I specifically prayed, "Lord I want to hear the sounds with Your keen awareness." I want to be jarred by what is jarring to You, and rest in what might be Your divine havoc that was ordained before time.

Tough challenge and extremely uncomfortable as it goes against my grain. Discernment to me is the subway that travels below the surface and truly sees, hears, and feels contrary to majority opinion. For me, it is what will save my life in the days to come. But again, I am aware that it is deeply packaged within the heart of God - certainly not a ‘natural’ to my own soul.

Much love to all,


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