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A Personal Letter

Hi Everyone,

So today I read 2 John; a very short book in the Bible written to a ‘lady’. It is not written to a church or a group of people, but one lady. It was rather weird to me why the Lord would insert this simple letter into the Bible. So in my tub I inquired of Him. Again this is NOT a commentary; but something personal.

I recognized that it is so easy to embrace a Corporate God; however this can result in somewhat of a distant God. Yet, what is portrayed for me in this little letter is that God is very one-on-one. He is intimate and interested in Me! Every single day I spend time He is speaking to Me.

Just imagine for a minute this lady who receives this letter - personally. It is addressed to her - not church leadership, not the elder board, and not an entire group of her best buddies! It is HER. It is specific even in relation to her own children. It is cautionary personally to avoid any untruth or deception. It is a call to love properly - it is penned to HER. And a tiny verse struck me as well when the writer says that he could pen so much more but he would rather see her face-to-face so her joy may be complete. I don’t know about anyone else but in my life God writes letters on my heart as I spend time and there have been moments where I have ‘seen’ unique faces of Him that have brought tears of joy, tears of comfort, tears that yield confidence, and a joy that prompts to continue regardless of the masses!

I could be completely off base, but what I’m writing today is what I’ve experienced and the fresh breath that God spoke though this TINY - seemingly insignificant letter! A letter to one woman that landed in the Word of God for all generations to read! Makes me wonder what this lady’s reaction will be when some day in heaven folks say ‘Hey I got to read the letter sent to you and it changed my life’- ok ponder that- JUST WOW!

Much love,


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