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Applaud Him

Hi Everyone,

Today I was in Exodus 15-16. The word grumble or grumbling is there; inside of just 13 verses it is mentioned 8 times. I looked up the word and it is not just a little one-word complaint but a constant moan; biblically defined as complaining about God. The opposite is to applaud - or to praise.

What struck me in these chapters is that God heard the grumbling and ironically gave them what they wanted. But each time He gave them what they wanted, there was zero thankfulness! Not one verse when God gives manna and meat. These chapters for me just rang out the word entitlement! I thought to myself that I can daily stand on a tightrope - thinking I am thankful but really entitled because somehow in my fallen state I am deceived to think that my grumbling deserves a response from God to satisfy ME! Ironically- like with Israel- God just might - BUT that does not mean that He is pleased, it simply means He is merciful!

However if my heart wants to please Him, the greatest way is to applaud Him for His provision, for all He has done in my life (void of comparison to another), and in thankfulness remember all the little things that I can easily overlook as my doing! When daily "manna" comes do I simply say, "What is it?" Then go about my business to consume it with zero recognition of the ONE and just expect it the next day like the children of Israel? They never even took a little pause. I really don’t want this to be me. I want to recognize God in the small and the big- continually "applaud" Him for every aspect of my life. To not allow grumbling to become a habit even for a bit, but recognize it’s Satanic source and bury any moans with applause.

I can’t criticize the children of Israel but what I can take note of is that the grumbling throughout led to NO GOOD THING. We have the privilege of their story and the power of Jesus inside not to repeat. For me it’s a daily choice and, this day, I chose to Applaud!

Much Love,


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