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Are You Bleeding Out?

Dear friends,

Well today I was seized by a story in Matthew 9:21-22 that I have heard and read a gazillion times. It tells of a woman in the crowds hemorrhaging and her comment was, "If I only touch His garment I will get well." I stopped and pondered. Here was a woman literally "bleeding out." She was probably crushed by the world by all those around; she was lost in the crowd- unnoticed.

Look at today: people poised with needles, stuck in lonely places, sitting in beds of trafficking, and the list continues. They expect so little - almost nothing! Yet there are those like us (or those in the world with plenty who have so much ) and in our hearts we can easily expect so much from the Lord. Yet who did the Lord stop for in that moment? Who caused Him to take pause? A woman who expected so little but knew that even touching the fringe of Christ's garments would change her life. Those that sit unnoticed on the fringes might just see the fringes of the Living God far better than those of us who get to experience the whole Christ daily. I wonder how much I take that for granted? Just imagine. If touching the fringe can make that kind of sudden change, what would it be like if we daily never took for granted the whole Christ and very simply desired a heart change - to be made well from the inside out WOW!

Just my thoughts today. This will probably stay with me for quite a long time



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