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Don't Let the Clouds Fool You

Good Evening Friends,

Most times my posts are in the morning but I’m breaking’ out this time. Last night, as I was watching American Idol, the song Both sides Now was performed. The line that seized me was this: I’ve looked at life from both sides now. I thought to myself, there really are just two sides- not three - just two, with nothing in the middle. Most of my life, the clouds eluded what I was to see; they blocked the Son. I thought to myself, what a privilege to see both sides, as most just have the perspective of one.

For many years my instinct and perspective was simply survival. I knew the SON was behind the clouds but it was still my mission to live under the clouds no matter how dark they were. That was my singular perspective. Until JESUS opened my eyes to see the other side, the clouds were the illusion that blocked the true perspective. Clouds come in all shapes. Sometimes they really band together and the sun is no longer visible; sometimes they are scattered and billowy and peaks of the sun shine though. But regardless, the clouds illusion is to block and redirect us to think that the Son is not right there.

There have been dark days. When my perspective is clouds, that is one side, but by God's grace it is both sides now!! Not all sides, just a simple two. Clouds are banding together, my friend. There are going to be future moments where they are so thick it will be easy to think life has been reduced to a singular perspective. At that moment, drop to your knees, because it is on that place that perspective two, the most powerful, comes forth in spite of clouds. There may be two perspectives but on our knees is where one overshadows the other in a powerful way. It is then we are at peace.



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