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Just the Right Amount

Dear Friends,

Today I was pondering this past year but in a slightly different way.

When winter comes all the little plants lie dormant. God, in His divine way, guards the root system with care and, even though the plant can’t be seen, the roots are solid. When spring comes, we tend to the unseen plants with just enough soil and water and it grows. In the same way, we take just a certain amount of vitamins each day. For example, Vitamin C is good for us. But too much gets quickly eliminated from our bodies because we cannot retain it.

I think it is the same spiritually. God has just the right balance for us to grow and to thrive. He provides the perfect amount of soil and water where we can still breath deep and flourish. This past year - in light of isolation and emotional taxation that remains unspoken - there has been a level of an odd kind of starvation. Most will never be bold enough to claim that the roots have suffered a bit as it can sound like you don’t have everything all together (the masks are the perfect disguise!).

Today, as I was reflecting, I feel very real things: sadness, happiness, joy, sorrow, trouble, heartache. Yet, I also realized that my reaction can be to bombard and thus shock my little root structure with too much soil and water in an attempt to appear all is well. That has an extreme adverse affect and literally drowns the plant of my being. Instead, I need to submit the care of my little plant at God's pace and additionally honor all the other little plants under God's care. Some will blossom quicker with vibrant colors and some may be only a single color. Some may get a bit droopy on occasion and I can just walk by and say "What do you need?" It might not even be water or soil; it might just be LOVE.

Be well my friends, Love Cari

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