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Let this Cup Pass!

Hi Everyone,

Today - two verses. Jesus is in the garden of Gethsemane. In Matthew 26:39, Jesus prays asking the Father to let the cup pass from Him (meaning death on the cross). What struck me was verse 42, "Father, if it cannot pass unless I drink it, thy will be done." This cup was not a result of sin or the result of anything Jesus did to deserve it, yet it was harsh - horribly harsh. The little words, unless I drink it.

In my own life, I fight the cups. I fight what is harsh and refuse it with the Lord. But then comes a moment, a turning point where I say, "Okay, I will drink it. I will take it in; I will internally embrace what is your will for my life!" At that juncture it is impossible to see the other side; it is impossible to see that God's "drink" will transform because it is designed perfectly for ME. Ingredients He knows are the perfect catalyst for directional inward change.

The drink the Lord had to take was the catalyst for all of humanity. Just maybe, the small drinks we are willing to consume by God's grace will be the catalyst that another sees that drives them to crave Christ. The "other side" may take quite long and sometimes never quite over, but, for Jesus, He endured for the joy set before Him - His bride. And for me, I must choose to drink willingly what the Lord serves recognizing He is a good Father and sees me transformed even though I can’t. It’s okay for me to pray to let the cup pass, but when the Lord says, "drink it," my willing obedience must come into play.

I don’t know about you, but because He is relentless to transform, He will move heaven and earth where I get to the place of final surrender and consumption. Really, really tough on so many levels. Yet, His love has driven this home in my life!

Much love,


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