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Poverty and Empty Vats

Hi Everyone,

Today I read first part of John 2. We all know the story of water being turned to wine but something landed today quite different. In verse 10; every man serves the good wine first and then the poor wine! When all are intoxicated he pulls out the bad stuff. Why, ‘no one will notice’. That is the first thing- but up above they ran out of it entirely. This would have been horrible as it potentially puts a level of poverty on display. So both these aspects - poverty and good wine that runs out - are what I personalized.

You see in my own life when I chose darkness, the wine tasted fabulous; intoxicating and seemingly fulfilling- but within months it ran out! There was not even bad wine - it just ran out. Then, as my empty wine vats sat, they collected some tiny water droplets that might absorb some taste but never enough and my impoverished state was right before my eyes. I even lied to myself that it was enough and put on display that is was enough- sort of like this guy at the wedding.

I might claim ‘don’t worry more is coming - hang tight’. Isn't hat what Satan always say s- a little carrot of hope and pitiful droplets of nothingness. However it was in the place where I actually stopped and acknowledged, ‘Lord the vats are empty - whatever Satan offered is depleted and I can’t get the taste back- and it’s just plain empty and my state is utter poverty.’

THIS MY FRIENDS is the place where God filled me with the best wine. He will never leave vats empty if we simply ‘do what He says’. On Nov. 23,2009 - I simply said ‘do whatever you want- I’m listening’. That’s what John 2: 5 says- ‘whatever He tells you - do it’! This was powerfully fresh for me this morning.

Blessings for your day... Love,


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