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Rain is Coming

Hi Everyone,

Today in Genesis I was reading how the Lord sent a mist every morning as it had not rained (and we all know that it would not rain until Noah’s ark). But what I pondered was this: Every morning I pray for certain people, and sometimes I think, "Lord it is never going to rain?"

I recognize that I think this simply because it hasn’t yet. But that doesn’t mean it won’t. It simply means that I pray in faith in the promise of God's timing. Isn’t that what Noah did? And everyone laughed because it was "seemingly impossible."

Sometimes I want to stop because it appears impossible. But something inside always speaks figuratively, "I will send the rain." When God says He will finish what He started and we know His seed exists in someone we pray for (although buried deep), we can rest in confidence that God will send the rain and the seed will sprout and we will sing praises as we witness greenery coming forth.

This was a huge encouragement for me today! It is not what I see but who I stand upon. So I keep on believing in faith that God will send the rain.

Much Love,


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