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Salty Truth

Hi everyone,

Well, yesterday and today I’ve been pondering salt. It started with Matthew 5:13 where Jesus talks about being the salt of the earth. However, at the risk of becoming tasteless. So I decided to research why salt becomes tasteless and the most poignant thing was humidity and water.

I thought about what is happening today with a friendly and watered down gospel. I sometimes wonder if all the race talk, equality, inclusiveness, and diversity is just causing the main theme to become watered down and tasteless. Well, if I’m honest - I don’t wonder- I pretty much know for certain! Then, on the flip side I thought about Lots wife who became just one giant salt pillar. Folks, that is a lot of salt. I have seen people get a meal and before even tasting they pile so much salt. I watch and I cannot imagine. I realized that even with salt and the gospel there must be the perfect balance of truth and love; the balance of seasoning that God does perfectly.

I have witnessed love starting to overshadow truth. Such a focus on using proper pronouns; calling people by their transgender name versus their God-given name, and I wonder if this is not just another ploy of Satan to infuse the gospel with humidity.

The gospel should never be comfortable to those walking in darkness. The true gospel will create profound upset to the soul combined with God's drawing of love. As I progressed through these times, I’m called to name rightly - not rename or add. I recently heard it said that "homosexual" is an offensive term to the homosexual and that "gay" is better. Yet, I don’t see "gay" in the Bible at all. When homosexuality was declared from the pulpit properly, it was a salt pill that initially hit my insides with a definite taste. But God did something with that tasteful message and grabbed me out of my dark plight.

Now on a personal note, I have to be cautious that everyday I’m consuming the salt - the Word- because humidity and water are the constant. Daily, I must be adding salt to my life or I too will become just one more tasteless victim run by a system that is not God.

Much love,


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