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The Crumbs

Hi everyone,

Today while reading Matthew 15, once again, I had to take pause. There is a woman with a desperate need for the Lord to heal her daughter. What happens initially is striking. First of all, she is annoying the disciples, and they basically yell for her to go away. Secondly, even more daunting, is that the Lord Himself initially says, sorry, I was not sent for you; a gentile. But then she insisted, and the Lord honored her faith.

Here are my thoughts. We as people rarely drive through in the face of criticism. We chalk it up to the other being a crazy person. And, if rebuked by God, it is easy to make an excuse and just STOP. If someone yelled at me I would just run as fast as possible. What is so puzzling about this woman is that she would not stop until there was resolve and healing. She pressed in. In spite of the noise, something was so incredibly worth it that nothing stopped her. Ultimately the Lord did as she wished. Think about it? She is by herself appearing as if no one has her back - not even the Lord. Yet, on some level, that was the test. Her focus was the Lord whom she had seen and heard and was willing to take crumbs if they came from Him.

Remember the story about the fringe? Well, now we have crumbs under a table! Striking thoughts that those that touch the fringe and those willing to settle for crumbs - if they are God's crumbs - are the ones deeply honored for their faith. They have nothing else to go on. No support from the crowds and, sometimes, no immediate response. But in the end, as believer, if we push though the hard and the harsh and don’t give up (even if fatigued), we too will get that prized answer, "Oh woman your faith is great. I have done for you as you requested!"

Much love,


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