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True Climate Change

Hi Everyone,

Today I read a familiar verse from Hebrews 12:1 - the last part, " with endurance the race set before you." As I thought about this, I considered the Christian life like a long journey, and oddly I considered the United States and all the different climates and terrains.

Some days are like running through the beautiful Colorado mountains; it’s strenuous but the beauty overtakes the fatigue. Then there is Texas - boring as all get out - flat, brown and strenuous in a different way because nothing is adding to the view and it seems it will NEVER END. Then the Midwest in a huge snow storm where it’s so deep you can barely pick up one foot in front of the other. The kind of strenuous where it feels like you’re going no place! Or those days of a fresh snow where it glistens in the trees and everything feels fresh and new! Or the Gulf coastline. Sand at your feet, the sun overhead, and complete peace and rest. Or the horrific tornados in the South where you have to run for cover and ‘wait it out’ and gut through the fears; so scared of the pending loss. Or the Dakotas where the brilliance of the Northern lights pierces through the darkness and overtakes by magnificent beauty.

Folks, to me this is a picture of the Christian life; this race of endurance through all the ‘terrains’ God has destined for us. A million moments representing footwork of choice. An unending stamina regardless of the conditions. So daily, so deliberate, and so unknown many days. It is a race set before Us- both individual and corporate but still requires MY FOOTWORK, MY FORWARD MOTION, MY EYES fixed on the hope. There is an end, but how I arrive matters deeply.

Endurance for me does not complain because the entire focus is movement forward day-by-day! For me, this was a ‘Godly picture’ of true climate change in Christ. I want to remember this day-by-day, and am grateful for a great cloud of witnesses above and those here on earth that may see the goal better than me in a given day and say, "Cari just keep running!"

Two lines of a poem I wrote years ago came to mind:

Do I take the harsh cold winters and in Spring remain inside?

Or appreciate each season and choose there to abide?

Be blessed.

Much Love,


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