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What If

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Good Morning Everyone:

Well, today I was awakened at 6:20 and this poem birthed from my being. I don't know how to explain it so I will not try but here has no title; it does not need one-you will get it I am certain.

This morning such calm as I lie in my bed,

Yet what if replaced by sirens instead?

I'm forced to move quick, daybreak just the start,

Would I grab my Bible, hold close to my heart?

Planned walk in the park, green trees all aligned

But now dust and rubble, their beauty maligned.

The child is daunted as mom mutters song

Her arms are the refuge, the place they belong.

The table was set and dinner prepared

Bomb shattered in pieces and hearing impaired

Readied for school in uniforms pressed

Not one could imagine the pain and distress

Father, brother, and son called to fight battle

While those called to go, their tears mixed with gravel.

Eyes scan the landscapes where color once splashed

And in just an instant all heart dreams are dashed.

With shoes on their feet and luggage in hand

Heart cries are the marker, this war is first-hand

Parents lay dormant, their young left to fend

Crime takes advantage, this is not pretend!

Huddled in places expected to guard.

Yet Satan's schemes pay zero regard.

Families afar make room for lost souls.

They can't pay a dime, in "crowded" console.

A stranger at first, devalued at the core

But can love and prayer the shattered restore?

I sat here today and pondered my reaction.

Would Jesus be center as I'm launched into action?

What would I convey on such treacherous journey

Would loss be the marker or the gospel concern me?

Would the noise be so deafening and my pounding heart,

Overshadow His voice and from Him depart?

Do I think it couldn't happen, the ultimate test?

These sisters and brothers would deeply protest!

Less than two months ago their surroundings intact

All that they had, in just days a "subtract".

I know I've rehearsed in my prayer time alone

And realize this walk cannot get postponed.

Yet on this day I stepped in courageous ponder

And asked once again, "Lord don't let my heart wonder."


Much Love,


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