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What Next?

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

Today I was awakened at 5:21 a.m. with the first two lines of this poem. So here goes...


What’s Next

As a nation we stand on the precipice of time While many believers are grossly maligned. The call not a small one as we stood in the gap. Yet January 20th appeared as a "wrap." Social Justice the mantra from pulpits at large Forfeited full gospel and whose really in charge. Needles poised now to cure a plague of destruction Yet to kill the unborn not a bit of disruption. Immigrants flood in to embrace a false hope While those trafficked out are well out of scope. Hollywood’s songs usher flairs in the air While "one world" rings their hands and darkness prepares. Monuments of lights deemed as great arms outstretched While words of such harmony on many minds etched. The internet our connection and platform of speech Now a small few control what YOU will not breach. Masks the new costume hide faces of deceit What was just a few weeks is now months of repeat. Riots at bay, little unrest, no alarm The great act of Satan, believers disarmed. Fists raised at God, gross sins are inducted Dulled by the mantra, dark thrones are constructed. The market is soaring dumbfounding us all But will our hearts shatter from one drastic fall. Now my choice today is on whom I will focus Morning dew from His word that dispels all the ruckus. Never is "better" the biblical trend Nor should this system be what I befriend. I’ve read all through history the majority track But there’s always a remnant who refuse to be slack. The battle is tricky such discernment required The armor of God must be my attire. Passion untamed might cut off ears of sinners But the gospel unleashed invites to His dinner. This space of grace narrows, a world winding down. I pray many will willingly bow to His crown. Yet in the meantime Satan's fury unleashed Many, our loved ones, seem out of God's reach. Each morning our mission to hear God's command He’ll strategically place us where we are to stand. The cost won’t be small as I daily rehearse Human comforts and freedom will gradually burst. Today a decision to dispel sadness with joy And not be entrapped by the devils great ploy. It is not the end but only the middle So why should we care if we are belittled? We’ve been called as His child from such a great curse So let’s march steady and strong, be the church HE SAW FIRST!

Copyright carigintz January 22, 2021

Much love, Cari

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