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While the World Rejoices

Very truly I tell you, you will weep and mourn while the world rejoices. You will grieve, but your grief will turn to joy. John 16:20

Dear Friends,

Today I woke up quite conflicted inside. I watched yesterday as many in this nation danced in the streets as if a nation had somehow made a shift towards love and worse yet ‘the fruits of the spirit’ as some would tout. But for me, to be honest, this was a celebratory shift aligned with darkness. A shift towards ‘anything goes’ under the guise of love.

I recognize that, as believers, we are called to wake up and praise God. But I also realized that when Moses came down from that mountain and saw the golden calf he did not just ‘praise God’ and move on. When ISREAL was in captivity, Daniel was on his face. The entire book of Jeremiah represents the weeping prophet. So today: Yes, I love the Lord; yes, I know He is on the throne; but I also know God Himself is watching a nation (initially founded on Him) - and that God has the emotion of anger and disgust.

So for me, I’m embracing the emotions I have that the very sin from God redeemed me is now praised. Horrible. Transgenderism is now worshipped as normal, the family is being abolished day-by-day, and a baby can be born and five minutes later be put to death (or not even make it a minute in the womb!). And I am deemed racist because I cannot tolerate Kamala on any level. I listened to the glamorous words of Biden last night. My heart was sick. So today I’m allowing myself the space to cry; for God to gather the tears in another jar; to align with His heart of anger and stand against the darkness. This is just my take. But when the unbelieving world is dancing, we better realize that God is being demeaned; we are not sitting in the grey. For me, the biblical plumb line is clear.

Much love,


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